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Hans Eberbach is an award winning vocalist and songwriter who was born on the west coast and raised in the northeast wilds of Maine in a small town called Dover-Foxcroft, returning to the California sunshine after high school to launch his career in the mid '90's as the singer for Sacramento based roots rock band Sweet Vine. Guided by industry contact/friend Geoff Bywater (Glee) - a music supervisor at FOX, the band was barely playing live shows locally when they were signed to a publishing deal with Warner-Chappell and then to a lucrative, long-term record deal with Sony/Columbia.

The band toured and released one self-titled album that was a fresh take on the warm, fluid songs inspired by Jim Croce, The Allman Bros, The Black Crowes, and many other classic rock bands and songwriters of the 70‘s. When the group eventually disbanded, Hans Eberbach moved to Los Angeles, spending his time submitting music for TV and film eventually returning to Sacramento in the 2000’s.

He has since released a solo album, Up Is The Only Way Out (2010) 
He has toured and released an album, “So Much Trouble” (2011) with The Nibblers, a soul soaked Sacramento based funk and R&B band.
He now sings for Joy&Madness, an evolution of that vintage soul sound. The band has released a four song self titled EP - Joy&Madness. 
Joy and Madness are releasing a new EP summer 2015 

When he's not getting funky with Joy&Madness, he's fronting HANS! and the HOT MESS a band that represents his original singer/songwriter/electronic soul work from his solo release, Up Is The Only Way Out as well us his upcoming EP, Love and Change and many more unrecorded songs. The band features a revolving combination of these fine musicians:
Hans Eberbach:vocals, guitars
Tony Edwards on drums
Miss Nyxi  on bass/vocals
Joshua Krage on guitar/vocals
Ands sometimes Kazutoshi Haji on guitar/vocals
He also performs with an electronic duo version of the Hot Mess with Bobby G (Earth, Wind and Fire, Lionel Ritchie)
You can find us on Facebook at:
HANS! and the HOT MESS

Party On The Roof - at Assembly in Sacramento March 2013
Resolve - at Assembly in Sacramento March 2013
Lightning - at the Torch Club in Sacramento 2012


Sample Platter

Up Is The Only Way Out on Bandcamp

Joy and Madness at the Downieville Downhill Classic


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HANS! - "Up Is The Only Way Out"

HANS! - "Up Is The Only Way Out"

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Li'l Birdy Told Me

The Soul Of Hans

Round 3 of the Sweet Vine 1.5 Demo Vault FREE Download 

Here it is!! Round Three of the Sweet Vine 1.5 Demo Vault Download.
This is a song that was actually written in my sleep, and in this rare instance it stuck around after I woke up. It is called "Soul To Keep". I found out after these recordings that I had been dealing with some crap on my vocal chords that cut part of my voice down and made it difficult to sing confidently, but the reserved performance almost works on this song. Lyrics are included
Once again Steve King did an amazing job producing this with Joe Johnston of P.C. North studios and Ned Hammad is just masterful on guitar. The tones!! my GOD he knows good tone!

Round 2 of Sweet Vine 1.5 Demo Vault Download 

Here it is folks. For those of you who haven't allready snaped this up in a past post, it's Round 2 of Sweet Vine 1.5 song vault re-release and FREE DOWNLOAD!
Today's song is a heart rending epic of isolation and loneliness called "The Paladin"
Let one beautiful tear slowly fall on your pristine cheek ( see: Sinead O' Connor ) as an appropriate and tasteful accompaniment to the listening experience. Perusal of the lyrics in the "liner notes" encouraged...

News and a download for fans of Jackie Greene Band, Sweet Vine, HANS! and The Nibblers 

Check it! Fans of the Jackie Greene Band, Sweet Vine, HANS! and The Nibblers, I have something for all of you.
My good friend Nathan Dale (Sweet Vine, Looking Star, Jackie Greene Band) has released his FANTASTIC new solo album, Major Key's Parade, and it would be a SHAME not to SHARE it. You can find out all about the amazing man and his many moods here:

Next up, this week, I'm posting one track each day from the last unreleased Sweet Vine demos some of you have heard allready, that featured Ned Hammad on guitar. For those who have missed out on this so far, there are some real treats, like this one, a ROCKER I still love called, The Sky Is Falling

...Aaaah what might have been...Word is, there's a LOT of video from the Sweet Vine tour and beyond. Perhaps a video compilation of some sort is in the future....Perhaps along with a Sweet Vine "reunion" show at Harlow's, with Nate AND Ned?? Anyone down for that action? Steve King, Gary Frank Skaggs, Jason Fluhrer...hmmmmm???

Last, but not least, HANS! and also The Nibblers will be releasing their very own Apps for iOs and Android smartphones. Oh JOY! One easy place to keep completely up to date on whatever HOT MESS we generate. It's SWEET SOUL LIGHTNING in yer pocket. More on that soon.
Have a fantastic week, fans and friends. Let's spend some time together.